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The Most Convenient In The History Of The Umbrella
TOP Umbrella Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2018

Recently, many parts of the country are in the rain, it makes the umbrella bus family suffered enough - wet umbrella after packed into the bus, not only people see people bother, oneself carry is super uncomfortable...... Yes, we can use the plastic bags of trapping, but in love, we obviously have other, more convenient way, such as the history of this section is the most convenient time for you to receive the Umbrella - Magic Umbrella: the idea is very simple, the Umbrella extended the extend again, so the Umbrella after being away, naturally can be tucked into the Umbrella - on the whole, and the design of the Umbrella hat is also a bright spot, it was quite an internal thread plug, just can be plugged with Umbrella Umbrella, and you can tighten, even if the Umbrella is wet, so after treatment can also directly into the bag, completely don't have to worry about water all over the place is too easy! It costs 3,990 yen

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