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Summer Heat Cooler: Rurudo Fan Shade, A Combination Of Small Fans
TOP Umbrella Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 05, 2018

Every year at this time of year, an umbrella becomes just needed, whether it is shading or dealing with heavy rain. In the Japanese market of the big sun, there has been a sunny rain umbrella, with a soft air supply added to the sun protection, and the summer outdoor is definitely more comfortable than the ordinary parasol. It is currently available in rakuten, Japan, at 5,800 yen (290 yuan).

Look from the exterior, this is a compact model sweet pure black lace long umbrella, can provide 99% of the UV isolation function, the inside of the umbrella is capped with a three blades, press the button on the umbrella umbrella after the fan will move slowly, from the soft air, speed fast not blow hair style. In addition, the top is equipped with a protective net, which can prevent the hair from being twisted into a fan blade.The umbrella can be put into four AA batteries, which provide about two hours of power, and it needs to be changed once in a few days. The umbrella is protected by a waterproof coating, and occasionally it can be used to cover the rain without causing damage

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