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HAZ Digital Launched The HAZ Umbrella Smart Umbrella
TOP Umbrella Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 05, 2018

In recent days, the rainy weather in Beijing, although the cool after the rain has gone to the hot summer heat, but there will always be office workers in the rush to forget to take an umbrella. Taiwan HAZ Digital company recently launched a HAZUmbrella smart umbrella, not only have electric opening and closing function, can also according to the weather situation, push messages to alert users to carry an umbrella, this product is the raise abroad website on Indiegogo fundraising, early bird price of $69 (us $428), the ship is scheduled to begin in October this year

At first glance this smart umbrella was no different in appearance, but on the umbrella handle design can be a key button of automatic opening and closing, compared to our common mechanical type self-opening umbrella, not only can open by oneself, also can be automatically back to minimum state when not in use. It is powered by a built-in lithium battery, which can be operated 150 times in full. Umbrella inside also carry a bluetooth chip, is used to connect mobile phone, when the user is beyond the scope bluetooth connectivity, the phone automatically sends an anti lost, and position the trembles of the umbrella finally appeared, and common bluetooth lost; preventer on market principle. Now that claims to be a smart umbrella, only have lost the function is not enough, the official APP integration has the forecast content, according to the real-time of local weather alert users to remember to bring umbrella to go out and see if I very sweet?

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