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Air Umbrella Without Umbrella Cover To Accept Reservations
TOP Umbrella Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 05, 2018

As a child, doraemon must have had a lot of interest in the "magic umbrella". Until now, the kind of "bat umbrella" that brought you to your place has not been developed yet, but many of the umbrellas of dou are refreshing your eyeballs. In the sci-fi movie, the magic design with a stick and stick to keep out the rain is now being conquered by the team in nanjing, China, and now it's on KICKSTARTER.


Air umbrella, as its name suggests, is not an umbrella, which relies on a jet stream to change the path of the raindrop, so as to avoid an umbrella that is drenched by rain. Air umbrella shape may not be in the movie, of course, science fiction, but a similar "jealousy" column type body, at the top of the design has a jet device, is responsible for air flow evenly distributed in the range of "umbrella".

The designer has designed three umbrellas, namely, a, b and c, with a specially designed for women, and 30cm long and 500g, with a range of 15 minutes. The type b is basic, with a 50cm length of 800g and a battery life of 30 minutes. C is the telescopic model, which can stretch from 50cm to 80cm, and the battery life is still 40 minutes. On the whole, besides the battery life is not very satisfactory, the rustic style like the shower head is not too good to be used, to be sanded. However, it is still the experimental version, and the official delivery will not be until the end of 2015, and the design team will try to improve it during this period.


Air umbrella cover "Air umbrella"

The above picture quotes from the Internet, for reference only.

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